Yoga in Winter

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Winter is a time when the earth reinvests in itself, focusing inward to revitalize its energy and its roots. In the cold, dark months, we can do the same thing with yoga: turn our energy inside, toward our heart, where our true center resides, and also toward the base of our body--our pelvis and our legs--to really ground ourselves and reinvest in ourselves to prepare  for the spring to come. In this class, we'll get comfortable with the basic poses, focusing on form, alignment, and breath. We'll also see how we can take what we experience on the mat and apply it to the rest of our life. All of this will leave us feeling strong, clear, aligned--grounded.  Tracy Guth Spangler has been doing yoga for more than a decade. Consistent practice at South Mountain Yoga changed her life profoundly, so much so that she decided to delve deeply into the study of Anusara yoga and train to teach as well, studying with the amazing Emma Magenta. Yoga has helped her to find healthy boundaries, locate her own strong center, and live a fuller, happier life with more clarity and grace. Her goal is to help others find the ways it can do the same for them.

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