La Cinémathèque: 8 1/2

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This in depth examination of film pulls examples from some of the most influential Italian film directors in the history of the medium.  View masterpieces of cinematic vision dealing with life, personality development, social issues and philosophy. As you watch and gain an understanding of Italy you will discover the nuances of style from directors: De Sica, Antonioni, Fellini and Visconti. Don't miss this opportunity to broaden your scope of knowledge about Italian films and film making. Artist, film maker and educator Gerard Amsellem introduces each film and guides the discussion afterwards.

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8½ is a 1963 Italian comedy-drama film directed by Federico Fellini. Co-scripted by Fellini, Tullio Pinelli, Ennio Flaiano, and Brunello Rondi, it stars Marcello Mastroianni as Guido Anselmi, a famous Italian film director. Shot in black-and-white by cinematographer Gianni di Venanzo, the film features a soundtrack by Nino Rota with costume and set designs by Piero Gherardi.

Its title refers to Fellini's eighth and a half film as a director. His previous directorial work consisted of six features, two short segments, and a collaboration with another director, Alberto Lattuada, the latter three productions accounting for a "half" film each.[1]

8½ won two Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film and Best Costume Design (black-and-white). Acknowledged as an avant-garde film[2] and a highly influential classic,[3] it was ranked third best film of all time in a 2002 poll of film directors conducted by the British Film Institute[4] and is also listed on the Vatican's compilation of the 45 best films made before 1995, the 100th anniversary of cinema.[5]

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