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Get ready for track season with Olympic-level Coaching!--- Let D1 Athletics teach you the critical skills necessary to improve your acceleration, maximum sprint speed, power and jumping ability!--- What’s different about this jumps clinic?--- This isn’t your garden-variety “jumps clinic;” our coaches have Olympic-level experience in teaching specific drills and techniques to boost your speed, power and jumping ability. This clinic is open to high school athletes and coaches.

D1 Athletics Jumps Clinic--- Saturday, January 5--- Learn-by-doing Athlete & Coach Mentorship--- 9:00 AM: Check-in 10:00 AM: Warm-up & Drills 10:45 AM: Speed Development (acceleration & max speed) 11:45 PM: Lunch 12:30 PM: Event Specific Technique 3:30 PM: Power Development (plyometrics & throws) 4:30 PM: Group Warm-down & Stretch 5:00 PM: Questions 5:30 PM: Wrap-up--- Jumps Experts Teaching You!--- Jeremy Fischer, Olympic Training Center Coach, coached 2012 Olympic Silver and Bronze medalist Will Claye in the Triple and Long Jump. He is a USATF Level 1,2,3 Lead Instructor. He has coached World Championships medalist, USATF Champions, NCAA Champions, NFL and MLB Players. He is an expert in speed and power development.--- Cliff Rovelto, Kansas State Director of Track & Field, coached 2012 Olympic Silver medalist Erik Kynard. Has personally directed 51 individuals to 122 NCAA All-America honors. He has coached 44 All-Americans and 25 conference champion high jumpers, while leading 21 All-Americans and 17 conference champs in the long and triple jump.--- Sheldon Blockburger, University of Arizona Jumps Coach, coached 2012 Olympic Silver medalist Brigitta Barrett. Has coached 5 NCAA Champions in the jumps and multi-events. He has coached multiple Pac-12 Champions in the jumps. He is recognized as one of the top jumps coaches in the United States.--- John Rembao, USA Track & Field Development Chair from 1996-2006, has coached 3 Olympians, 15 NCAA Champions and 93 NCAA All-Americans. He coached his wife (Sue) to the 1992 Olympic Games in the high jump.--- Sue Rembao, 1992 Olympian, 2-Time World Championships competitor, a physical education teacher and high school coach. Liz Patterson, 2010 NCAA Division I High Jump Champion.

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9 AM to 6 PM

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