Resistance Training for Softball Players

Resistance training isn't just for hard-core fitness enthusiasts. It's also a great way for softball players to build quickness and prevent injury.

Here's a series of resistance workouts great for making your squad stronger, faster and more effective on the field.

Equipment required: A belt and a short length of rope (about 10-12 feet long).

Setting Up the Resistance Drill

Put the belt around the waist of a runner and tie the rope to the back of the belt. Have another player grasp the rope and stand behind the runner with the rope taut.

Have the runner lean forward while the other player holds the rope to keep her from falling. (The proper running position is at about a 5-10-degree angle off vertical with her feet pointing forward, the back foot about 6 inches behind and 6 inches to the right (or left) of the lead foot.)

How the Resistance Drill Works

With the help of the rope holder, have the runner get into her running position and when she is, say "GO".

The runner runs about 10 yards, with the rope holder applying resistance. You do not want too much resistance, just enough to keep the runner in the proper running position.

Do this two times, then have the runner "free" sprint over the same distance while the rope holder is putting on the belt. Then switch positions.

This is a great way to build strength, endurance and, ultimately, teamwork.

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