WPS Camps Offer Female-Specific Curriculum

In the world of youth soccer, the summer months bring with them an overwhelming amount of options for camps to attend across the country. For the most part, soccer camps are conducted from long-standing curriculums designed before the rise of the female athlete.

Now, Women's Professional Soccer is presenting its WPS Camps program for the second year, boasting an all new female-specific curriculum.

WPS Camps offer four different programs and each program provides a dynamic and challenging environment for a female player of any age and skill level. Camp curriculum was approved by the WPS Camps Technical Committee and is conducted by industry leader UK International. Each program's curriculum is based on the belief that the physical, tactical, technical, mental, emotional, and social elements of the game must come together in balance for female players to reach their full potential.

The Recreational Player Camp is offered for young girls who are relatively new to the game of soccer, while the Development and Leadership Camp is offered for the more competitive adolescent female players.

The most unique camp offered by WPS Camps is the Advanced Team Camp. It gives an entire team the opportunity to participate in the camp as a team rather than individuals. This is a unique opportunity, as most camps are focused on refining the individual athlete and do not focus on team concepts and issues. The Advanced Team Camp curriculum has been approved by WPS coaches and players and reflects one week of an actual WPS team's preseason training.

The sessions conducted include advanced methods for stretching, player recovery and regeneration, ACL prevention, team-building exercises, team goal-setting sessions, video analysis, and team psychology sessions.

The team coaches are provided with handbooks that replicate the actual handbooks the WPS players and coaches receive. These handbooks offer things such as nutritional information and the importance of integrating mental skills into training. All of the information is female-specific and can be very beneficial to coaches of female athletes. This camp presents an opportunity to learn first-hand what it takes be a successful team at the highest level from the actual WPS players and coaches with the intent of preparing players for the highest level of the game.

WPS Camps makes use of its connection with the WPS players, as each camp will feature a day in which a professional player from one of the seven WPS teams comes to camp and interacts with the campers.

WPS Camps are being held in 17 different cities across the nation from June to August. For more information, visit womensprosoccer.com.

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