Snowbird Adventure Race

About This Activity

Graffiti Racing presents the Snowbird Adventure Race! Running, cycling, a map, and maybe a Tyrolean traverse or two! 

Make a weekend of it, stay at one of Snowbird's beautiful lodges and celebrate at Snowbird's famed Oktoberfestafter a great day of racing. End your evening with a night time tram ride and stargazing over Hidden Peak!

Race Summary

  • Trail Running - 8-15 miles depending on how many checkpoints you can find.
  • Cycling - 15-30 miles with a mix of road and trail (optional)
  • Orienteering/Navigation - this is the heart of adventure racing. Think of it as a giant treasure hunt. Using a map and coordinates, plot your way to as many checkpoints as you can find in 6 hours.
  • Tyrolean Traverse - Several Tyroleans will be used to find certain special checkpoints. This is optional, but we think you'll love the challenge!

Event schedule and times

Race Date: August 17th, 2013


Location: Snowbird, UT


Check-in June 8th - August 16th - 7-10pm Snowbird


Start Time: 8 AM


Course Time: 6 hour to attain as many check points as you can.


Support: No support crews are needed.


Divisions: Solo, 2 person, 3 person team - all teams are racing against each other. Time adjustments

are made to level out the playing field. 3 person teams benefit the most from the time


Ages: 16+

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