PhotoFest 2013 - Suzanne Mathia

Saturday, June 8, 2013
Sedona Arts Center P.O. Box 569 SedonaAZUnited States of America  86339
Saturday, June 8, 2013
Sedona Arts Center P.O. Box 569 SedonaAZUnited States of America  86339

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Photofest 2013 Workshop
"Lightroom/ Photoshop Digital Workflow" with
Suzanne Mathia

June 8th & 9th (two days of Lab)

Suzanne Mathia has been a Lightoom user and beta tester since before the initial release of Lightroom 1 in 2007. She has continuously kept up to date with all the updates and enhancements over the years and has totally incorporated Lightroom and all its modules into her workflow as a professional photographer. She currently uses Lightroom 4 and PhotoshopCS6 in her workflow and brings a vast knowledge and passion to her dynamic workshop at 2013 Sedona PhotoFest.

This workshop will demystify Lightroom, Raw, Color, and asset management and show that it isn't just for high volume professional photographers, but for anyone wants to better manage their ever growing collections of images and to give their photographs, collections and prints that professional edge.

We will begin by learning what Lightroom is and why Lightroom can be a better option than some other software solutions.

Students will learn to process images and manage a digital photo library more efficiently utilizing the powerful yet simple workflow modules in Lightroom. They will learn to import, organize, customize, export and output files in several different formats. DNG, TIFF, JPG, PSD

Students will learn how to easily import, edit, catalog and organize a digital image library, use Camera Raw for processing images, export to Photoshop or other editing software, and create custom books, slideshows, web galleries, or the final perfect print.

Lecture and hands on instruction will be delivered for the various modules in Lightroom. This workshop will be as hands on as possible using iMacs in a state of the art digital facility. We will also explore the various tools for enhancing and modifying the Raw capture within Lightroom to create a professional and well crafted images. Suzanne Mathia website.


Payment Options: Students may pay in full or choose the payment-plan option during registration. The payment plan requires a non-refundable $100 deposit with the balance due 30 days before the workshop.

About Suzanne Mathia

Suzanne is a professional freelance photographer whose work regularly appears in Arizona Highways Magazine, as well as numerous national publications such as National Geographic, Outdoor Photographer, Digital Photographer and calendars for the Nature Conservancy, and Global Action Team.

Her photographs capture the diversity of waterfalls, snow-capped mountains, autumn leaves and desert sands, from the magnitude of the immense landscape to the smallest, most discreet of details.

The desert can be unforgiving of even the smallest errors, treating the unprepared harshly. But, for the few with passion, those who are willing to begin their trek at the end of the road, the secret world of the Southwest is revealed.Suzanne loves to challenge the ruggedness of the land, the great distances to be traveled, and intense weather conditions to capture images of Arizona and the Southwest that expose its many treasures and extremes.

Her images reflect her keen sense of curiosity, patience and the ability to see the world and its magic places in new and creative ways.

"All the technique in the world does not compensate for the inability to notice"

Detailed Itinerary

What exactly is Lightroom  - how is it different form Bridge, Apeture, iView etc
Lightroom Workflow Overview
The Lightroom interface
Modules and Panels
Setting Preferences
Frequently used keyboard shortcuts
Expanding your Desktop - using the secondary display features
Working with catalogs
Backing up

The Library Module
Importing and reviewing images
Editing and ranking images
Quick Develop mode
Using Collections and smart collections
Asset management-Metadata and Keywords
Recommended workflow
Adapting you current workflow

The Develop Module
Navigating the image and view options
Using and creating Presets, Snapshots and History
Making Color and Tonal Adjustments
Using the Targeted Adjustment Tools
Using Adjustment brushes and the Gradient Tool
Creating Grayscale or Toned images
Getting really creative inside Lightroom
Detail and Lens Corrections
Exporting and Photoshop workflow integration
Exporting in various formats and customizing output

Exporting to Photoshop
Working with Layers
Using masks
Making Selections
Improving your images with adjustments
Blending images and layers
The 3 stages of Sharpening - Capture - Creative-Output -Return to Lightroom

The Slideshow Module
Building a slideshow
Image selection
Configuring the Slideshow
Using Templates and settings
Playing and Exporting
Customizing for professional look

The Print Module
Selecting photos
Using Templates
Print Layout
Output Settings-Color management
Using and developing profiles for Print output

The Web Module
Selecting photos
Gallery templates
Customizing settings
Uploading website via FTP
Uploading to Facebook, Smugmug and other sites

The Book Module
Why build a book with Lightroom?
Explore Layout options
Customizing page layouts
Exporting to Blurb

Sedona PhotoFest 2013

 Symposium | Workshops | Exhibition

Sedona Photofest 2013 provides a unique opportunity for high-quality presentations in an intimate setting - creative, interactive and inspiring - bringing experts in the field to a beautiful destination.

1 day of free activities & presentations June 6
th  Featuring:
John Paul Caponigro, Tony Sweet, Scott Stulberg, Suzanne Mathia

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Sedona Arts Center P.O. Box 569 SedonaAZUnited States of America  86339
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