RAD Ballet: Pre-School Curriculum (3-4 years old)

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Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) ballet program is designed to provide fun and enjoyment that are relevant to young children development stages.

A carefully-planned program, not only provide high standard dance training, it also develops physical and structural skills, stamina, creativity, expression, and musicality. All are beneficial to their continuous development in life and in dance.

This dance class focuses on age-appropriate movement, using fun and enjoyable imaginative themes in an instructional environment to nurture and develop students' understanding of their bodies, the surrounding space, as well as musicality, creativity and expressive abilities.

Active children can develop into active and healthy adults, enjoying the physical and social benefits that participation in dance and sport can bring.

RAD certified instructor, Terry Wong-McDonnell, RAD RTS, ARAD is qualified to teach young children in a fun and safe way through the Academy's classical ballet syllabus. The program while focused on classical ballet, also includes "Free Movement" and "Character Section" through the Grade progressions in order to enrich students' knowledge and experience with other dance genres.

RAD curriculum is being taught to 250,000 students each year in 80 countries throughout the world.

Terry has experience teaching ballet in the UK and Philippines, and is excited to bring her dance instruction to Sausalito as the first RAD instructor in the Northern Bay Area.

Students enrolled are required to wear uniforms with net hair. For uniform, please contact D'Lynnes Dancewear, 1137 Fourth Street, San Rafael.

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