SPRING - Gymnastics - Girls Tumbling Ages 13+ - Girls Tumbling Ages 13+ ADV. (Mondays 7pm)

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6 week Spring Term: April 8, 2013 - May 18, 2013

Priority Registration: March 11, 2013 for current students

Open Registration: March 25, 2013

Disclaimer: Classes and instructors offered are subject to change. In addition, classes may be changed or cancelled if the minimum class requirement is not met. Make up classes are not guaranteed unless the class is cancelled by the City of Sandy Springs.

No change of class will be accepted after 4/29/2013

Annual Registration Fee: $25.00/ Fulton County resident; $35.00/ non-resident

Make-Up Classes: Make-up classes are not guaranteed. They must be SCHEDULED IN ADVANCE with your instructor. There are limited number of classes able to accomodate make-ups. We advise you to schedule the make-up as soon as an abscence occurs to ensure class availability. Waiting until the last few weeks of the session will not guarantee the ability to schedule a make-up. Make-ups are not permitted during the last week of classes due to the award ceremonies, and cannont be carried over to the next session.

Dress code: Gymnastic classes:

All female gymnasts should wear a leotard. Leggings or shorts may be worn on top of the leotard. Please no shoes, tights or socks as they make the equipment slippery.

All male gymnasts should wear comfortably fitting clothing that does not have zippers or buttons. If your child is wearing athletic pants, the pants should not be long enough to drag on the ground. Please no socks as they make the equipment slippery.

Hair must be pulled back, away from face. No jewelry, please.

Girls Tumbling Ages 13+

These classes are designed to help with tumbling skills: handstands, walkovers, round-offs, back handsprings, back tucks, and combinations. Students will work only on the floor and trampoline. (Girls only)

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