Tae Kwon Do - Beginning for Children

About This Activity

Your child will learn to defend themselves, gain self-confidence, and increase mental concentration. This program is designed to develop motor skills, balance, and self discipline. Both boys and girls are encouraged to experience this fun and confidence building program. This is a non-competitive curriculum. Belt testing will be held every-other month. To participate in belt testing, a $35 fee is to be paid to the instructor (instructor will announce testing dates). An optional Tae Kwon Do uniform may be purchased for $35 (payment made to the instructor). Students not purchasing a uniform should wear loose fitting clothing that they can move around in easily. The class ratio has been lowered to accommodate the young age of participants. Start building self-esteem and confidence today! Classes are held at Marinwood Community Center. Four-year olds are welcome to try the Pee Wee class one time for $15.  If you decide to register for the class, and the Instructor agrees that your child is ready for Tae Kwon Do, the $15 will be applied towards your registration fee.

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