Face Reading - Romance & Relationships

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Barbara Roberts has appeared on the Tyra Banks show, NBC Nightly News, The Learning Channel, and 50 local and national TV shows. She has "read" the faces of Oprah's producers and 6,000 other people. Learn the patterns of personality which help you choose a great romantic partner, a new boss, or a wonderful friend. Never be lied to again. Learn how lips reveal intimacy styles and noses reveal money strategies - is he or she generous? careless? Learn how to date safely on the internet - save time, money and heartbreak! Famous couples - who will stay together and why. Barbara will be reading the faces of various class members. For more information, see www.facereading1.com. Have fun and see what YOUR face says to others! Optional text book "Face Reading - How to Know Anyone at a Glance" can be purchased in class for $25.

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