CE - How to Sell Your Ideas and Inventions

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Want to learn the proven ways to cash in on your inventions? If your idea works, it?s a GREAT idea but now you need to know-how to make money with it. If you want to secure the rights to your ideas and learn the proven way to CASH IN on your inventions, this program will show you how to: Make your invention intellectually safe and profitable, Protect your ideas with patents, trademarks, and copyrights Rounds, Miller and Associates 7 Rebooking June 26, 2012, Evaluate your ideas for marketability, Find potential buyers for your invention, Offer it for sale in the safest method possible, This is NOT one of the invention marketing hypes. This program delivers the most accurate and relevant information available for inventors to cash in on their expertise. An exclusive insider peak of the seminar is available at http://bit.ly/tJQath

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