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You are going to be a Prospector (you know those people who were always looking for gold).  In this workshop you will get to excavate for valuable gems, fascinating rocks, and some ancient fossils.  All are yours to keep.  What hidden wonders will you find?  The identities of the 10 specimens found in your Mystery Rock have been kept a secret from you.  You will experience the thrill of discovery, much as prospectors did.  You will be able to identify each one.  Your specimens are in a hard clay material the same as prospectors found.  You will have to get them out without breaking or scratching them.  That?s not that easy.  You will get an excavation tool, specimen brush, log book, sorting trays and labels.  You will, as a Prospector, record the color, both wet and dry texture, and its ability to float for each of the 10 specimens you dig out.  Make an educated guess with our help to whether each one is a rock, gem, or fossil.  See how good you are.  You will learn from us the exact name and classification.  We give you hands-on science...Prospectors style - fun - educational - exciting!

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