Hammond Ashley Violins San Diego Lessons

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At Hammond Ashley Violins, there are several professional string teachers available for private and group instruction in San Diego CA.

  • Hammond Ashley Violins offers all levels of instruction, including Suzuki method and adult beginners
  • Hammond Ashley Violins can help coordinate the first meeting with the teacher and make sure you find a good match for your level of interest and ability
  • Hammond Ashley Violins also offers lists of private instructors throughout the region

Private Teachers:

  • Michael Dvoskin
  • Ondrej Lewit
  • Tiffany Modell
  • Quyen Nguyen
  • Alexander Palamidis

Tel: 858-623-0036

Email: sandiego@hammondashley.com

For more information, please visit: www.hammondashley.com

Event details, times, dates, and locations are subject to change. Please confirm the event's details when buying tickets. Thanks, and have fun!

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