San Diego Velodrome Monday Adult Classes 2013 - June 17

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San Diego Velodrome
Adult Track Classes
Start Date June 17 for 6 weeks
First pay, first to get a spot & bike!

Here s what our trackies said about the classes:

Track class was a heart-pounding, adrenilin-pumping, lung-sucking thrill in addition to a learning experience. It was wonderful to learn a venue of cycling with a welcoming and friendly group of teachers and neighbors of all ages and experience levels.

Well, it's an awesome class. I absolutely loved both level 1 and 2. I get kind of sad when they're over. I'm probably gonna go for level 2 again sometime down the line.

I get kind of sad when they're over. I'm probably gonna go for level 2 again sometime down the line.

I loved every minute of this class. If you've ever thought for a second you might want to try it, do it; I guarantee you won't regret it. It's a blast!

I just found a whole new side of cycling and love it.

Pam and Thom did an excellent job of getting me comfortable on the track. Although this was a "beginner" level (i.e. I'd never ridden on a track and had only road a fixed gear twice) I felt they kept the class challenging yet fun. It was way more than just riding around in circles. I would recommend this class to anyone intrigued by the velodrome!

I would highly recommend taking this class from Pam and Thom. The techniques they taught me have helped me find a new gear that I didn't know I had! They know how to push you to your limits in class and give you the tools you need to be confident on the track. The Velodrome is something every bike enthusiast should try.

The class was a fun introduction to track cycling, I'm hooked!

The velo class was great! Pam and Thom are knowledgeable, professional instructors. The instruction was progressive and thorough, the activities were challenging and fun. I was made welcome and comfortable, even though I hadn't been on a road bike in years! 'Cheers' to trying something new! Thank you. Thank you.

I really enjoyed being able to spend time on the track and raise my comfort level. The drills were extremely helpful, and helped me to challenge myself and my comfort level. Pam and Thom were really encouraging. I look forward to future classes with them!!!

I wish I had done this sooner!

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