Natural Bridge Caverns Duathlon

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Cave Bear Course is designed for the beginner and includes: 2mi run - 15.5mi bike - 2mi run. Sabertooth is an Off-Road race that will wind through the Hill Country on every kind of terrain, and includes: 2mi run - 12mi mtnbike - 2mi run. Woolly Mammoth is an Intermediate distance for those who want a challenge and includes: 5k run - 26mi bike - 5k run. T-REX is considered THE SHOW as it will test event the strongest athlete. It includes: 5mi run - 26mi bike - 5mi run. Entry fees range from $69 to $79 for Cave Bear/Sabertooth, from $79 to $89 for Wooly Mammoth/T-Rex. Race Day Registration is $99 for all races. Entry fees range from $135 to $170 for 2 person relay and from $155 to $230 for 3 person relay. Awards are available.

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