Jumpboard Reformer Wed 9:00 AM Ses 5

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- Learn basic principles of body awareness that provide the basis for the exercise and the technique. The 5 basic principles are breathing, pelvis placement, rib cage placement, scapula movement and stabilization, and head & cervical placement.
Essential - Achieve optimal strength and agility, activate deep muscles, tone and streamline, balance strength with flexibility, increase stamina and coordination. Prerequisite: Intro, or instructor approval
Jump Board Interval - An interval class focused on specifically using the jump board to tone and define. Cardio-respiratory activity is combined with Essential Level exercises to provide an intense interval training workout. Prerequisite: Essential, or instructor approval.
Athletic Conditioning - Provides all the core benefits of Pilates with the addition of calorie-burning cardiovascular conditioning. By incorporating cardio interval training into your existing strength and conditioning routine, you can increase your metabolic output allowing you to burn more calories even after your workout. Prerequisite: Intro, or approval by instructor

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