SFG Kettlebell Instructor Level I Certification - Salt Lake City, UT

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SFG is our flagship program. Its curriculum was developed by Pavel Tsatsouline, who pioneered kettlebell training in the West and developed the gold-standard RKC program. Weekend-long SFG Level I and Level II Certifications offer renowned curricula – constantly refined. We no longer use the RKC name – but we carry on its spirit, curriculum, and standards. \nSFG Kettlebell Instructor Certifications are taught by a highly-experienced cadre personally trained by Pavel, and frequently by Pavel himself. -Learn the kettlebell training system that started it all and became the gold standard. -Learn how to teach the system to others. -Get certified as an SFG Kettlebell Instructor-once you pass our rigorous testing! \nThe exercises taught and tested are: -Double Swing -Get-Up -Double Clean -Double Press -Double Front Squat -Snatch \nJust the basics, drilled to perfection. \nAs MSgt Duane Stanton, USAF Pararescue, has put it, “The only thing that separates the elite from all the rest is the fact that the elite are better at the basics than everyone else.” \nLearn the skills, test your spirit, and discover the camaraderie rarely found outside the military. \nPlease consult the SFG Kettlebell Instructor Level I Certification requirements for details on and prerequisites for attendance to this event. -- \nCourse Instructors: \nChief Instructor Pavel Tsatsouline \nActing Deputy Chief/Master SFG Instructor Dan John \nSenior SFG Instructor Mark Cheng \nSFG Team Leaders Andrea Chang, Lance Coffel, and Jeremy Layport

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