Catching Session 1

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2013 Pitching, Catching, and Hitting Clinics

Players will learn the fundamentals and mechanics in the area of Pitching, Catching, or Hitting. Each week new material will be covered bringing your ballplayer to their highest level.  All sessions will be held on Sundays at the Rice and Arlington Batting Cages. If you have any questions or to register for single classes please call the Rice and Arlington Batting Cages at (651) 558-2117 or visit our website.

Joe Wallraf played for the University of Minnesota baseball team from 1987-1991. Joe was a student coach at the University of Minnesota while earning his Masters in Education. Additionally, Joe has coached youth from ages 9 to 21. Joe is the owner of Full Count Baseball and has facilitated clinics for the University of Minnesota, Minnesota Twins, MYAS and individual community organizations around the state of Minnesota.

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