How to Run in Wings

Wings are so fun to wear. They add a little flare to your costume. And now that dressing up for races is on the up and up, wearing wings while you run can make you feel like you're flying. You might think that wings will be annoying, painful, or slow you down when you run. But with the right technique, you'll have no problem running in wings. In fact, you might even PR like Kelly Lewis did when she wore wings.

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Lewis, co-founder of Team Sparkle, a fashionable running-skirt line, and self-proclaimed wing-running expert, shares her tips on how to construct wings for running and how to wear them at your next race.

What You'll Need

  • Fairy wings. Team Sparkle sells an array of colors. Or, go to your local costume shop.
  • A racerback tank top. Lewis says, "If tanks aren't your thing, wear a racerback sports bra under your running shirt."
  • Two safety pins

How to Construct Your Wings

  • Wear your running tank or T-shirt; use the elastic arm straps from the wings to attach your wings on the back.  
  • Wrap the straps around the racerback part of your tank top several times. Once it's tight, double knot the straps.
  • Arrange the wings in the position you like.
  • With your safety pins, pin each wing on your tank top. Pin either at the top of your shoulders or the back of your shoulders. Safety pins will prevent any wing-movement while you run.
  • Once securely on, bend the top of the wings slightly backwards. This will help prevent the wings hitting you in the face as you run.

Note: An extra set of hands will help you construct your wings. Ask a friend to help out.

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Tips to Wear Your Wings

  • Don't wear the straps as a backpack. It may cause chafing under your arms.
  • Before the race, practice running in your wings.  
Lewis says, "I would run a few blocks around my neighborhood to see if it was comfortable. The first time I wore wings, I wore it as a backpack. After a couple blocks I noticed chafing and thought this was not going to work for a marathon. I went home made a few corrections and hit the streets again. After a few trials, I found where I like my wings placed.'

Lewis adds, "It's weird at first, people definitely gave me a few weird looks when I was running around my neighborhood with wings, but it helped. You'll learn how to run while wearing wings, and what placement of the wings feels comfortable to you."

  • Remember to bend your wings slightly backwards for aero-dynamic purposes.

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