Good Running Form for Beginners

Form Fix 3: Potato Chips

A third common inefficiency occurs when we clench our hands into tightly held fists. Tension in our forearms rises up to our shoulders and extends to the rest of our body. This tension makes our hearts work harder to push oxygen-rich blood into our muscles, resulting in more wasted energy and, ultimately, a slower pace.

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To release this tension, think about holding an imaginary potato chip without breaking it. If your fists are clenched so tightly that you can't hold that chip, wiggle your fingers and loosen your grip. Body tension will reverse, allowing the deliverance of more oxygen-rich blood to our muscles with each heartbeat. We'll return to a smoother, longer, more efficient stride, and more energy is saved for the finishing kick.

Zipper lines, chicken wings and potato chips are early warning signs of fatigue and inefficient running form. By paying attention to our body's signals, each is easily and quickly corrected.

Once corrected, your endurance level will improve, you'll hold your pace for a longer period of time and your good form will carry you through? to the finish line on race day.

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