Coach Jenny's 2011 Holiday Gift Guide

Be Part of Something Innovative

TikTok, $39.95
Where design, function and innovation meet. TikTok transforms your iPod Nano into the world's first integrated multi-touch watch. The Nano easily snaps in and out of the adjustable watchband so you can use it to work, play and run! It's fun, functional and cool looking on your wrist!
Available in a variety of colors; Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black. $39.95 (iPod Nano not included)

VITAband, $20
Safety and convenience all on your wrist! It delivers secure electronic health records for medical personnel to access and features a wireless prepaid contactless payment technology via a VISA Prepaid PayWave chip so you can use it to pay for breakfast post run. It includes a fully updatable personal profile, secure Visa payment platform, and an emergency response profile including name, emergency contact, drug allergies, medical conditions, and insurance information.

ElliptiGO - Running Bicycle, $1,799
Running on air—the ElliptiGO is being used by some of the world's top athletes to improve performance, running volume with less risk of injury. It provides the experience of running without the impact forces on your body and activates the core for improved posture and form. It' also the perfect gift for the injured runner in your life. One workout on the ElliptiGO and they'll be smiling again.

Glo Gym Bag, $99
This ultimate gym backpack keeps everything separate, accessible and organized. It will stand or hang in most gym lockers and has three compartments; one that has ventilation for shoes, one for sweaty clothes or toiletries and one made of mesh for clean clothes. It carries easily with backpack straps and has a convenient cell phone pouch and water bottle holder. Hanging toiletry and wet bags included.

Get Support

Picky Bars, Three Bars/$9
Simply the best tasting healthy bar I've ever eaten! Made by professional athletes Lauren Fleshman, Stephanie Rothstein and Jesse Thomas for athletes that want to eat goodness with great taste. They currently are made in three flavors; Lauren's Mega Nuts, All In Almond and Nutless Wonder. Gluten free. Dairy free. Real food. Natural energy. You will taste their passion in every bite.

Life Sitting Gift Certificate, Free
This is the perfect gift if you're on a strict budget but want to support the busy running parent, caregiver, animal lover in your life. Give the gift of time and babysit for their loved ones so they can run, train or travel to a race. It costs nothing but time and they'll remember it for a lifetime.

Personal Savers, $12.95
Give the gift of safety with the portable answer to pepper spray. The Personal Savers Wrist Saver was created by professional inline skaters after having several run-in's with aggressors on their training workouts. The minute you strap it on your wrist, you know it was made by an athlete. It's light, easy and comfortable to wear. I never leave home without it.

SPIbelt, $19.95
A small personal item belt that does not bounce when you run. It's sleek, expandable and secure, the SPIbelt can hold your smart phone, iPod, keys, up to five gel packs and more. It's great for training and racing, traveling, carrying diabetic supplies and more.

Nathan Thermal Quickdraw, $25
This little handheld bottle carries a big punch. The insulated pocket keeps water and sports drinks warm or cold, wicks the moisture to keep your hand and holds small items in the zippered pocket. It is BPA-free, holds 22 ounces and the reflective properties enhance visibility in low light conditions.

Lifestinks Smart Soaks, $12
For the runner who enjoys a relaxing soak. Smartsoaks turn your post run bath into a mini spa retreat. Smartsoaks are highly concentrated with magnesium sulfate to rebuild fatigued joints and raise serotonin for increased sense of well-being, healing botanical oils from Australia and sodium bicarbonate to heal the skin from the elements.


Jewelry for Runners—Sporty Jewels, $35
There's nothing that says congratulations like a running pendant or earrings! Wear them when you run, work and play. Ceremonial bling reminds us of how far we've come. The designer at Sporty Jewels is a creative runner who turned her passion into art. Choose one of her beautiful designs or have her create your own. She packs the spirit of a runner in every piece.

Massage Gift Certificate, $60-$120
I've never met a runner who didn't love a massage. It's a gift that keeps on giving and both therapeutic and pampering. Deep tissue massage releases tension, improves circulation and enhances running performance. is a simple way to shop for a gift certificate they can use at most spa's nationwide and for a variety of services.

Medal Hanger, $40
This is a fabulous way to display race medals and create an artistic impression from every racing adventure. Pick one of the designs offered or create your own. Every race finish is a gift, and now you can celebrate them every day.

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