8 Key Race Day Terms Every Runner Needs to Know

So you signed up for your first event. Congratulations! It's a fun way to stay motivated and meet fellow runners. You'll enjoy yourself more if you know what the heck the people around you are talking about as you prepare to line up at the race's start.


Your printed race number. Attach it to the front of your top with four safety pins. (Most races provide the pins.)

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Packet (or Bib) Pickup

Where you go to get your race number and, possibly, a T-shirt and/or a goody bag. You may be able to do this on race morning, or you may have to go the day before—check your event's Web site. Bring a photo ID.

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In the days before a race, vendors set up booths in a large space for runners (and the public) to browse. Most expos have products for sale, free samples, and chances to enter giveaways. Not all races have expos, but if yours does, it's likely where you'll find packet pickup.

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