5 Ways to Fundraise for Charity Races

Racing for a charity organization can be a serious commitment. It requires training and raising money—two tasks that take time, motivation and determination.

Despite the extra effort, the payoff can be even bigger. Training and racing for people in need is an effective motivator and allows you to contribute more than your personal finances might allow.

If you're gearing up to race for charity, consider these five ways to fundraise.


Perhaps the easiest way to find potential donors is to contact them via email.

Email allows you to pitch a large number of people at once and provide them with all the necessary details about the organization and how they can donate.

While a mass email is the most effortless, you're likely to get a better response if you send personalized notes to each person.

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Throw a Party

Consider arranging a backyard barbecue or cocktail gathering to raise funds for your charity of choice. This requires an upfront investment in food and drinks, but you can offset that with donation buckets, games or a raffle.

If you have a birthday coming up, suggest partygoers pitch in a few bucks for charity instead of bringing you a gift. Either way, this is a fun reason to host a get together and gives you the chance to talk face-to-face with people about the charity that you're raising money for. That personal appeal may just compel them to give.

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