Post-Run Stretches Every Runner Should Do

Stretch Regularly to Avoid Tight Hamstrings

Tight hamstrings can make you feel like you're running through mud. To avoid this, stretch your hamstrings after every run. To stretch your hamstring while standing, kick your right leg slightly in front of you and rest on your right heel, then bend into the stretch slightly with your left leg, hands on your hips. Sit deeper for a more intense stretch. Hold for 15 to 30 seconds and switch legs.

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Hip Flexor for Runners and Desk Jockeys

The hip flexor stretch is not only great post-run, but is also for those of us who sit at a desk all day. According to Bryan Mistretta, NASM-CPT, PES, your hip flexors may already feel tight from sitting down all day. To stretch your hip flexors, get into a lunge position with your right knee touching the ground. Push your hips forward until you feel a stretch just over your right hip bone. For a deeper stretch, take your right arm stretched high over your head. Hold for 15 to 30 seconds and switch sides.

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More as Needed for Tight Spots

These are stretches for a few of the most common tight spots and those triggered by putting in miles while running. Be aware of your body and where your tight spots are, and be sure to stretch them. Only go as deep into a stretch as you feel comfortable. If you can't go deeper, do not force yourself.

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