5 Injury-Prevention Stretches for Runners

For a runner, stretching not only increases flexibility but can also be a vital way to avoid injury—even years down the line.

In this video, Paul Greer, San Diego Track Club running coach, shares five stretches runners can use to reduce the incidence of common aches and pains and keep them performing their best.

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Paul Greer is an associate professor of Health and Exercise Science at San Diego City College and has a Master's degree in Physical Education and 26 years coaching experience.

A sub-4 minute miler, he starred on the San Diego State University track team and competed in the U.S. Olympic Trials and has a personal best time in the 1500 meters at 3:39.05. He is also the director for the very successful Rockin' 'N' Runnin' marathon training program. 

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