4 Eating Tips for Runners During the Holidays

This suggests that regular monitoring of weight may be effective for some folks. "If it won't drive you too crazy, stepping on a scale daily has been shown to help with weight loss or preventing weight gain," Hoban says. 

Grindle, however, warns that this can also lead to unnecessary stress regarding weight. "Most of us fluctuate within a five-pound range daily based on what we eat and if we're hydrated," Grindle says.

If you have some anxiety when it comes to the scale, she suggests simply paying attention to the way your clothes fit. "Do your jeans fit more snugly? If so, you know it's time to make a few changes," Grindle says.

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Recruit Family and Friends

Social support can mean you'll be more likely to stick to your plan. A recent study emphasized that we are often influenced by what the people around us are eating, suggesting that we definitely feed off each other, so to speak.

"If you want to remain healthy over the holidays, let your family and friends know," says Grindle. "Also, recruiting them to prepare and serve a few healthier dishes is great for the entire family."

Hoban says that you may even have a positive influence on less-active family members in the process. "Get everyone moving by signing up for your local turkey trot or jingle jog, organize a family football game or go for a brisk walk after dinner," she adds.

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Portion Control

The holidays are notorious for big meals and endless snacks. Research has shown that the larger the portion on your plate, the more food you're likely to eat. We just can't help ourselves. The solution is to accept smaller portions in the first place.

"I recommend to my clients that they follow their normal eating pattern as best they can and choose small portions of their favorite foods at holiday meals," Hoban says. "Your best bet is to reach for the protein and vegetables first so you'll have less room for everything else."

Keep in mind that it's the holiday season and if you gain a few pounds because you had a couple extra pieces of pie, you can work that weight off in the New Year. "I subscribe to the love it or leave it mentality during the holidays," says Grindle.

"If there is a certain food or dish that you absolutely love and have been waiting for all year—go for it! If you're not crazy about it, but find yourself just eating it because it's there, leave it off your plate."

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