11 Reasons to Run the Havana Marathon

I've been fortunate to have crossed many finish lines in my running life. Some of them filled me with feelings of pride, some honored the sadness I felt for the losses in life, and for a handful I was just happy to have reached the line and crossed it.  

Every race is an opportunity to better ourselves—to learn, love, evolve and move closer to who we are.  I've never felt more of all of these senses, than when I crossed the line in Havana, Cuba. I traveled with Insight Cuba, a tour company that organized the first legal travel to Cuba for the Marabana, Havana's half and full marathon.  

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The journey into Cuba opened my heart and captured my soul.  A picture is worth a thousand words and here are eleven visions of your next bucket list race...

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*Note: All photos taken by me except photo #7, which was taken by Jeff Bell.

Reason #1 - You'll run back to the future.  You'll literally feel as if you're running in the 1950's as the parade of retro cars pass by.   

jenny cuba 1

Reason #2 - You'll learn how to do more with less. This 1960-ish vintage treadmill was featured on the tour of the Olympic Sports Medicine Facility.  

jenny cuba 2

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