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Take on a 5K run with our ultimate 5K training guide. Sign up for a 5K, find 5K training tips, and learn more about this popular race distance.

5K Training Articles

9 Unique, Quirky Races You Have to Try
By Maile Proctor

Forget the competitive 5Ks and half marathons, these are the races you hear about and think, "who would actually do that?" Give it a try, you will def

Run Fast With Strides
By Jay Johnson

Many adult runners become metronomes who can run marathon pace all day, yet can't run a 5K that correlates to their fitness. Change this by including

6 Core Exercises for Beginning Runners
By Sarah Wassner Flynn

If your core muscles are weak, you won't be able to breathe as deeply, lift as heavily, or move as quickly. Perform these six moves to become a better

10 Racing Strategies to Run Your Best
By Jason Karp

Most runners complete races without giving much thought to how they're going to run the race. But successful racing takes planning. These 10 tips can

8 Workouts to Improve Your Endurance
By Jay Johnson

Improving your endurance is easy if you follow the right formula. Add these eight workouts to your routine, and make sure to recover well between hard