Winter Tracking

Wild Earth - Williams Lake, Rosendale

Saturday, February 25, 2017
Williams Lake, Rosendale 424 Williams Lake Road RosendaleNY  12472
Saturday, February 25, 2017
Williams Lake, Rosendale 424 Williams Lake Road RosendaleNY  12472

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What's Included

This one day workshop is for adults who would like to learn to read and interpret the impressions left by wildlife in the winter.

Beginners and intermediate trackers are welcome! Join us for a day of mixed tracking and trailing - looking closely at tracks and following animal trails. We will learn about the mammals in our area who commonly leave tracks in snow, and what track patterns they tend to leave. We will touch on gaits (the ways the animals actually move) and how gaits relate to track patterns (groupings or visual patterns of tracks) on the ground. We will begin to learn about the morphology (structure) of each species' feet, and how that structure dictates the footprints animals leave behind. Participants will leave with a clear process for approaching track identification and interpretation and with the fundamental tools and resources to learn more. In the event there is no snow on the ground on Jan 28, we will postpone the one-day tracking workshop for February 25. LEARN MORE: https://wildearth.org/adults/winter-tracking

About This Organizer

Located along the Shawangunk Ridge in New York’s Hudson Valley, Wild Earth is a not-for-profit that runs nature-based programs for children, teens, families and adults.

Wild Earth programs draw on a broad spectrum of teachings ranging from native technologies to the natural sciences. Our programs offer adventure and fun, primitive skills and crafts, awareness games, and story and song, facilitated by multi-generational mentors. They foster individual and group awareness and a deeper connection to the Earth.

Wild Earth helps individuals create and strengthen connections to self, others and the earth while building ecological and cultural resilience.


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Williams Lake, Rosendale 424 Williams Lake Road RosendaleNY  12472
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