Rock Island ORCA IM Ready Sprint Challenge Swim Meet

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This meet is sanctioned by USA Swimming and Illinois Swimming, Inc. It is a timed finals meet. No deck entries will be accepted. Only USA Swimming, Inc. registered swimmers are eligible. Entries listed “Registration applied for” will not be accepted. Age for this meet shall be the swimmer’s age as of December 1st, 2012. The entry fee for this meet is $9 per swimmer per day and $7.00 for each relay. There is a $2.00 Splash fee. Swimmers are limited to 4 individual events and 1 relay per day. Entries, with all enclosures, must be received no earlier than 8:00 a.m., October 29, 2012 and not later than 9:00p.m., November 25, 2012. Scoring will follow USA Swimming IM Ready Power Points format. There is no scoring for relays. An IM Ready champion award will be given to the overall winner for Girls and Boys in each age group 9-U, 10, 11, 12, 13-O. Awards will be given to the top three relay teams in each relay event. All awards will be distributed to each team’s coach or team representative. The IM Ready champion for each age group will be announced at the end of the last session.

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