A-NEW Speaking to Spot: Learn Your Dog's Language

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BIO Sara Reusche is dual certified as a Veterinary Technician and Certified Professional Dog Trainer. She has worked as a dog groomer, at several shelters in Minnesota as a vet tech and animal caretaker, and also spent some time as the Head Trainer at a Pit Bull rescue in New York state. She currently owns Paws Abilities Dog Training and enjoys spending time with her three adopted dogs. Have you ever wondered what your dog is saying or why he does certain things? Now you can find out! This interesting, interactive presentation will include lots of photo and video examples, and plenty of opportunities to practice the art of ?reading? dogs. You will learn: Common stress signals that every dog uses; When is it play, and when is it something more serious?; How to calm a nervous dog using his own language; Why not all wagging tails are friendly; When is growling a good thing?; Why dogs jump up, bark, dig, and nip... and how to stop them from doing it! This is an informative seminar for people only. Please leave your furry friend at home. Instructor: Sara Reusche

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