Adult Swing/Lindy Hop Intro A- March 2013

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NO PARTNER OR EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! The basics and essentials for the original form of swing, the Lindy Hop taught in just 4 weeks! This dance style is so versatile you can dance slow or fast tempos from big band, jazz, R&B, bluegrass, country, rock 'n roll and pop! Easy and fun to learn! This class focuses on the basic 6-count Lindy/swing steps, patterns and lead/follow techniques. We'll have you dancing right away!  $10 discount for couples and college or high school students, please call 970-318-0150 for discount. Continue with Lindy Hop Beginning B the following month or move up to Lindy Hop Intermediate classes with instructor approval. Don't miss the best swing classes in the tri-county area! Taught by Chris & Wendy Shima, Lindy teachers for over 15 years!

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