Ballroom Dance Teacher Cert - Argentine Tango

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Do you love to dance? Would you like to have a career doing something you love, while also giving you control over your time and your life? Even if you have little or no previous dance training experience, this program will teach you everything you need to know for a successful full- or part-time career in the exciting world of ballroom dancing! Not only will you learn to dance 17 different ballroom and nightclub dances, you will learn how to teach private and group lessons, how to sell lessons, how to market yourself as a dance instructor and more! This current semester will cover the Nightclub Dances (Hustle, Nightclub Two-Step, Salsa, Argentine Tango). Attending this certification program will provide you with the dance skills, sales skills, and confidence necessary for a career in this growing industry. You may enroll in the entire semester to learn all four dances or you can choose to enroll only for specific dances. After completing all semesters (Nightclub, Smooth, Rhythm I, Rhythm II) you will be qualified to take the national certification exam. No prerequisites required! Course is held at Simply Ballroom, 3549 Courthouse Rd.

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