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This two-day workshop will teach you everything you ever wanted to know about fabrics! Learn key fabric terms, weave, coloring, dyeing and printing methods, finishes, pattern, types of pattern, pattern dominance, repeats and matching, fabric widths, lining and interlining, and rules to calculate the proper proportions to use as a starting point for cascades, valances and cornices. The instructor will bring various fabrics to class and you will learn how to tell the fibers in a fabric by touch! You will have a one hour break for lunch (on your own), and then we will meet up at a local fabric store where you will be given a scale drawing of a room to select various fabrics to make it beautiful, based on customer color preference and what you learned in class. Your instructor will assist you with fabric selection as needed. We will then return to campus where you will work on your projects and presentations for the class.  (IDC - Core. AIDC-Core. PHSC - Elective.)

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