Racine B/G 18-10's Non-Ranking Rookie Tournament Level 8


Start: Friday, March 29, 2013

Racine Tennis Club, 5100 Briarwood Ln
Racine , WI 53402

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Location: Racine Tennis Club, Division: Unranked: BG(18-12)sd,FMLC; Quick Start: BG(10 (60'Court/Orange Ball) )s,FMLC, Notes: This tournament is limited to players never ranked above 20th in the Wisconsin District of the USTA in the age division they are entering. This is a Level 8 tournament for Boys and Girls 18s, 16s, 14s, 12s and 10 and under singles and doubles so there are no ranking points awarded. We need three entrants in an event in order to have that event. We may be able to combine divisions so that an event may be held. The 10 and under division will use the Stage 2 (Orange Dot) tennis ball and play on a 60-foot court. The 12 and under division will use the Stage 1 (Green Dot) tennis ball and play on a full sise 78-foot court. The tournament director, Todd Anderson, may be contacted at (262)639-6100 or at todd.anderson@club-net.com. The entry fee will not be refunded once the draw has been made. Phone entries will be accepted with payment by credit card. Players are responsilbe for finding out their starting times. Times will be available on line or by calling the Racine Tennis Club at (262)639-6

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