CHANGE IS COMING: An ethics workshop on new rules in ACA, HIPAA, and OBLPCT

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CHANGE IS COMING What You Need to Know About New Rules in ACA, HIPAA, and OBLPCT 6 Ethics Hours In the coming months, Licensed Professional Counselors, as well as Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, will see many changes to the landscape of both private practice and agency work. The Oregon Counseling Association (ORCA) is working to bring accurate and useful information to licensed counselors in Oregon. This workshop will explore the changes in two federal programs, ACA and HIPAA, as well as new rules from the Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapists. *Educational Objectives* Attendees will be able to: * Identify the ethical obligations under new OBLPCT rules regarding records, record keeping, and custodian of record requirements * Make a plan for complying with the new OBLPCT requirements that satisifes relevant ethical and legal requirements, including those relevant to electronic records * Describe the ways that the 2013 HIPAA laws will impact counselors and clients * Describe legal-ethical concerns around coming technological needs of counselors following health care reform * Assess the ethical impact of health care reform on mental health services, with special focus on the impact to Oregon counselors * Describe ways to respond ethically to the new healthcare paradigms in Oregon

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