Swim Lessons: Level 5/6: Tuesday: 4:50 pm

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Level 5: Pass level 4 skills.  Exit skills are: 1. Racing dive, swim front crawl for 50 yds., then swim elementary backstroke 50 yds. 2. Swim breaststroke 25 yds., then swim back crawl 25 yds. Other skills include surface dives, treading, sculling, water safety skills.

Level 6: Pass level 5 skills.  Exit skills are: 1. Swim 500 yds. continuously using any 3 strokes of your choice swimming at least 50 yds. of each stroke. 2. Jump into deep water, perform survival float for 5 min. roll to back and float for 5 min. 3. Do a feetfirst surface dive, retrieve object from 7 -10 ft. depth, and return to surface then to starting point.  Other skills include flip turns, treading, butterfly, and water safety skills.

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