Tennis (Adult/Teen - Beg/Adv Beg)

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(Adult/Teen, 13 yrs - Adult)Top-quality instruction is available through the Pleasant Hill Recreation & Park District. Classes begin on the first day of the month and run four consecutive weeks through the end of the month. Choose the class that meets your schedule. If you want more than one lesson per week, register for multiple classes. Register at least one week prior to the first class, which always begins the first week of the month. Classes may be combined or canceled if minimum numbers are not reached. Students may play before and after class if courts are available.Tennis shoes and racquet required.
 * B...Beginner--no tennis background or limited experience (1.5/below). * AB...Advance Beginner--minimal skills and playing experience (2.0-2.5). * INT...Intermediate--Must be able to serve and maintain a slow rally. Improve consistency, learn placement and spin through our "Shot of the Day", then finish up with a friendly competitive match to develop match toughness.(3.0-4.5). * ADV...Advance--knows all basic strokes; can maintain a rally and has playing experience. Emphasis by instructor on refinement of tennis skills (4.5 & up)

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