A Scholarship Benefit Family Cookout: Preludes to Demigod Quests & Fantastical Sword Play


Saturday, July 6, 2013
CAMP DEMIGOD INSTITUTE 6326 Campbell Road PeshastinWA  98847
Saturday, July 6, 2013
CAMP DEMIGOD INSTITUTE 6326 Campbell Road PeshastinWA  98847

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What's Included

With a backyard of incomparable rustic beauty, this very special Camp Demigod/Point Roberts playground is sure to leave an indelible mark on your entire family. July 6th, 7pm-11pm (dinner, demonstration & campfire) Blockbuster film talent capture your imagination with Story-Making through Movement. NASA Award Winning DIGIVATIONS Founders and International Artists Collaborate with a Blockbuster Film Professional: Actor and Stunt Performers, Fight Choreographer and Performance Capture Director - Carrie Thiel (Fight Directors Canada) joins Camp Demigod this July and August! Remember to bring a signed permission slip for the border crossing from a parent/guardian of any children who are from another family. We recommend passports, but children under the age of 16 may cross the border with a birth certificate. If minimum enrollment (30) is not met by June 28, refunds will be issued less processing fee. No Photos Allowed

About This Organizer

Make-believe worlds spring off the page in an idyllic rustic forest setting near the beach! In teams, students plan and perform their stories (real or imagined) based on mythological Greek characters (demigods, such as Percy Jackson).

Similar to Rick Riordan's inspired Camp Half-Blood, Camp Demigod, will be centered around Greek mythology and have many adventures and quests. At Camp Demigod, campers, interns, and cabin leaders will make friends and build community as they: learn about literature, innovation, science, philosophy, and team-work; design and construct labyrinths, masks, costumes, and hand-made musical instruments; create stories, dramas, and movies; train and learn the rules of engagement for capture-the-flag, chariot games, and more while lodging in an idyllic rustic forest setting half mile to the beach. Some of the fun that we can reveal is that Camp Demigod will have both in residence and visiting very innovative faculty, guest artists, scientists, authors and trained experts in theatrical swordsmanship and other tactical and strategic skills.

Camp Demigod will also focus on innovation, mentorship and developing young leaders. Camp Demigod will integrate DIGIVATIONS international NASA award winning STEM+ARTS+MOVEMENT curriculum featuring robots to rockets, and its Sphere of Influence Innovation programs where kids learn how artists, writers, scientists, engineers, technologists and others influence each other to be innovative and contribute positively to the world around them.

With current events as a backdrop, students learn about innovation ranging from the inventions of Ancient Greece to Space exploration setting the stage for learning 21st Century Themes. Students are introduced to mentors both in person and through SKYPE. They meet professionals from the Arts, Film, Games, Drama, Science, & Technology through DIGIVATIONS interactive ImagineSTEM™ blog and weDIGIVATE™ eCommunity.

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CAMP DEMIGOD INSTITUTE 6326 Campbell Road PeshastinWA  98847
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