Baby Seal Swim - Kinder Swim

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Results in weeks not years! Toddlers and older children are taught the swim-float-swim-sequence. They will learn to swim - full immersion and independently - to the steps, side or a platform. When tired, they will learn to flip onto their back, breathe, relax and regain strength, and then continue to swim to safety. Children will learn to swim fully clothed in case of an accidental fall into water. Survival swimming skills serve as the foundation for learning correct stroke technique, while helping to protect your child from aquatic accidents. This program evolves from survival skills to recreational swimming with beginning strokes within a short time period and allows your child and you to enjoy the water safely.  Children take approximately 20 to 32 lesssons to acquire and consistently demonstrate these skills.  Lessons are one-on-one, 4 days a week.  Graduates may sign up for Fundays.

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