Wallie Exercises: A Fun Way to Create Healthy Kids

Ettinger takes standard exercises and adds a little twist.

"Take the squat for example, I call it the Shark Squat. It's a regular squat, but if you add a little energy and a fun name, it gets kids excited." Ettinger adds, "It's really the approach more than anything to get kids active."

With electronics, computer games and cuts to P.E. programs, the obesity rate in kids has been on the rise. Ettinger saw this and knew he needed to reach out and do something, "It's very rewarding to see kids get excited about fitness and start to work out."

Since Ettinger has been on the move from school to school, he started Wallie Skype Programs. In essence, it's the same lesson as he does in-person, but on Skype. "Skype has opened up so many doors," Ettinger says "I'm able to virtually travel to schools all over. In one day I was able to speak with a school in Ohio, Los Angeles and New York."

His mission is to help kids learn how to live a healthy lifestyle, eat right and workout. What's next for this young author? Wallie and nutrition; a book to help children make the right food choices. Ettinger hopes to have the next book out soon.

"This is one way to help kids stay healthy, strong, and to maintain a balanced lifestyle" Ettinger says.
Keep your kids healthy and strong. Read Wallie Exercises with your kids and come up with different exercises that you think Wallie would do. Make fitness fun and it will help develop a healthy lifestyle for your child.

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