Wallie Exercises: A Fun Way to Create Healthy Kids

What started off as a short story in college about a lazy dog, Wallie, led Steve Ettinger to a whole new world.

With an interest in psychology, Steve Ettinger worked as an elementary school psychologist. And with a passion for fitness, nutrition and coaching sports, Ettinger noticed a major gap between nutrition and fitness in schools. "There was something missing, all the books on the market were very dry," he says.

"I've always loved fitness and healthy living. I played soccer growing up and in college wanted to learn more, so I became a personal trainer-part-time," Ettinger continues. "I noticed there was no connection between schools and teaching kids how exercise can be fun."

With that in mind, Ettinger turned his lazy dog story into a children's book and exercise program, Wallie Exercises.

Wallie Exercises is about an exercising elephant that helps a lazy dog get fit. Together the characters jump, hop and squat to get healthy and in shape.

Wallie Exercise
is colorful, fun and engaging-and it teaches children how exciting exercise can be.

To take it a step further, Ettinger decided to bring Wallie Exercises to schools. "I go to schools and read Wallie Exercises to the students. For an hour we discuss different ways to stay healthy. We talk about fitness, do exercises and learn about food."

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