A Checklist for Camping With Your Dog

Heading out into the wilderness offers a wide variety of extraordinary things. You can stargaze, hike, and listen to unique sounds—and bringing your pup is an added bonus. Dogs love to explore new grounds and relax with their owners. To ensure you have a wonderful camping experience with your furry friend, it's best that you plan ahead. From food bowls and poop bags to Fido favorite Frisbee, make sure you everything you need to ensure a fun outing.

Find a Dog-Friendly Campsite

Unfortunately not all campsites are pet-friendly. Go online to see if the area you want to visit allows dogs. In addition to checking with the campground, be sure to check the rules at the local trails. Once you know where you will camp, pack all the necessary supplies you and your furry friend will need.

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Dog ID Tags

Make sure your dog wears his ID tags at all times. ID tags should have a phone number that you can be reached at while camping.

Collar or Harness

Make sure your dog collar or harness fits correctly. Dogs tend to wear the same collar for months, which can eventually become loose. While a loose collar may work just fine at home, it could be a problem when camping. New sites or sounds can frighten your furry friend causing them to duck their head and slip out of their collar.


Even if you have a dog that's the best dog ever, and you usually don't need a leash, take one and use it anyway. In an unfamiliar area your dog may get spooked and take off. Or your pup may run up to people who don't like dogs.

20-Foot Cable Leash

There are dogs that just want to sit by your side the whole camping trip. Then there are other dogs that love to explore. To help keep an eye on your furry friend while he's out investigating new scents, put him on a 20-foot tie out. This way you know he can't go too far, yet he still gets to check out new things.

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