6 Bad Habits Your Child Might Pick Up at School (And How to Correct Them)

We don't mean to scare you — really, we don't — but the first time your child enters the crowded classrooms of similarly aged children, well? first they'll freak out, but then they'll calm down and make friends. Unfortunately, this experience will occasionally expose your son or daughter to a multitude of bad habits you've managed to shelter them from through their first few years of life.

It's inevitable — young children are impressionable, and other kids can easily influence them, sometimes for the worst. Of course, they don't know any better, and the only way your child can learn that such habits are wrong is to test the waters and learn the pond is not worth the swim.

It's ironic, really. A place built to educate your son or daughter can end up giving your child bad habits that, if not broken, could make them seem uneducated.

Here are six common bad habits your little one might pick up at school, and how you can put an end to such annoying, infantile behavior.

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