5 Ways to Juggle Triathlon and Family

Be Flexible

Granted, even the best plans can sometimes go south, especially when you're working around the unpredictable schedule of kids. So if you're too stuck in your ways when it comes to your training habits, you may wind up frustrated or stressed.

Be willing to change up your workouts at the last minute.

"Before I had Amy, most of my day revolved around training," says Wassner. "Now I just have to make the most of every chance I get to work out and adapt to the situation. If I feel drained or hungry going into a run, I'll just relax and enjoy being out there. Many times I'll surprise myself and end up getting more out of myself than expected."

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Call for Backup

When it comes to finding time to train, don't be afraid to seek outside help.

"Enlist the 'It Takes a Village' vision," says Meredith Atwood, author of Triathlon for the Every Woman and writer at SwimBikeMom.com. "To reach big training goals, it does take the help of others to make it happen."

Kemper, for example, had extended family members meet him in Florida last April so that he could bring two of his kids to his race in St. Anthony's.

"In a way, it's like you're farming your kids out. But you can still share the experience with them while being able to do things on your own, like go to the race briefing and checking out the course. Not everyone can do that, of course, but for me it's the best way to manage everything—and everybody—on race weekend."

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Bring Them Along

As for racing, there are plenty to choose from these days that are family-oriented, with kids' races and post-finish festivities. So pick a few and bring everyone along.

"Remember, you don't have to race every weekend, either. Choose high quality events and race less," Wassner says.

Kemper says he loves bringing his three sons along to races, not only to show them "what Daddy does" but to have them around afterward, regardless of how he does.

"If it's a great race, we can celebrate together and go out for ice cream," he says. "And if it's not my day, they're a great distraction. So it works either way."

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