4 Simple Exercises to Do on Your Daily Dog Walk

Your daily dog walks can take up a good chunk of time. Make the most out of your strolls with a few simple exercises to get your blood pumping. Not only will you get to workout, but Fido will get some physical and mental fitness time, too.

Mental exercises are just as important, and often just as tiring, as physical exercise. They're also a good workout for the brain. While you squat and shuffle, practice Fido's favorite commands including "sit", "stay", "lay down", "come" and "heel".

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Every few minutes stop and do one exercise; then continue on your walk. As you exercise, make sure your furry friend is obeying his command.

The Moves

Side Shuffles or Side Steps

Use the "come" command while performing this exercise.

  • Stand sideways with both feet facing forward.
  • Lower your bottom into a squat position and keep your weight in your heels. If you have bad knees and have trouble squatting, you can do this standing erect.
  • Side step or shuffle sideways with your dog following along.
  • This will work your lateral muscles in your legs that get left out in a typical walk.

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