UGLY MUDDER 7 Mile Trail Run

Reading Liederkrantz German Singing & Sports Club - Spook Lane & Hill Rd.

Sunday, February 25, 2007 @ 10:00 AM



Start: Sunday, February 25, 2007 @ 10:00 AM

Additional Date Information

8:45 am - Registration
10:00am - Race Start


Reading Liederkrantz German Singing & Sports Club - Spook Lane & Hill Rd.
Reading, PA


Fee is $25 w/shirt if postmarked by Tues. Feb. 13th, 2007
Afterwards, $30 while shirts last (inc. day of race)
$23 when gone.

Additional Information

Who knows why the ‘06 Ugly Mudder became the largest rustic trail run east of the Rockies? After all, why expect 977 runners to come to Reading, PA in February, of all months??? Yes, we have less drive-by shootings here then since our local bangers, many hailing from much warmer climates, refuse to wind down their windows to fire in sub-zero weather. And the Outlets do have “After Holiday” sales, making us an attractive venue for busloads of moo-moo-clad shopoholics. It can’t be the skiing, though we here are LOADED with “skis”; Witkowskis’, Kowalskis’, Levandowskis’, etc. Nope, it MUST be the “memorable” experience that accompanies the running of the Ugly Mudder & its post race party at the Reading Liederkrantz German Singing & Sports Club (rivaling “memorable” experiences such as childbirth without drugs, the tiger cages in ‘Nam, a George Bush speech or an Andy Reid explanation for blowing a 17 point lead in the 4th quarter). The course lives “down” to its name; you’ll run over rocks, trees, mud or snow (or both), discarded trash (is that a redundancy?) and runners that have fallen before you on our trails “too ugly” to be included Reading’s other trail races. But, on the plus side, the course has been “tweaked” a little to reduce both early race trail congestion & the time you spend on “road”. Also, the unique aide stations remain, the shirt will still be stupid, a surprise may be in store for the legendary finish at Mt Mud & the indifference of the Pretzel City staff will continue to rival that of your parents when you told them that you didn’t like Brussels sprouts. Afterwards, the “race” truly becomes an “event” when we’ll all inside the Liederkrantz to enjoy a “live” band (thus ruling out the ‘Dead and/or any group including Keith Richards), free breakfast (nominal fee for your entourage), cold European suds available at almost outlet prices (in ‘06, despite favorites such as Spaeten only costing $2, the finishers drank over $2600 of carbo replacements), cool max clothing for sale at almost ridiculously low prices and “people watching” so good that it is rumored to have once attracted Simon Wiesenthal. Certain things in life SHOULD be missed: a Yanni concert, getting a wedgie in front of your 4th grade love, do-it-yourself root canal surgery, your spouse giving up “swinging” to become “born again”, etc. This race, however, is NOT one of them. LEGAL SNOWJOB: YOU RACE AT YOUR OWN RISK; YOU SOLEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN WELFARE AT ALL TIMES. Runners’ bodies are usually too skinny to find easily so we wait until they “bloat” for a few months before starting to look. Plus, at no time are you further from the finish than 2 miles; even someone losing a leg on course should be able to “hop” back without our help, so make your own way back to the finish as best you can. A medical staff will be on site but they may be at the ‘Krantz downing a little “anesthesia” of their own, so be “patient” if you need their help (no pun intended). Entry is NOT permitted for 1) kids under 18 2) Dallas Cowboy fans (although, by playoff time, they’ll have nothing to do anyway) 3) power walkers (ties up on-course volunteers too long) and 4) racers that even think for a second that we’d cancel this race for anything less than the Blizzard of the Century!!!! you Will & Grace Fan! Beanie Baby Collector! Interior Decorator!!

Reading Liederkranz German Singing & Sports Club, Spook Lane and Hill Rd, Reading, PA (near park used for the Half Wit Half). Reg. opens at 8:45 a.m., we race at 10 (approx.). Fee is $25 w/shirt if postmarked by Tues, Feb 13, 2007. Afterwards, $30 while shirts last (inc. day of race), $23 when gone. WARNING: VERY few extra shirts are printed than those ordered by prereg entries; if you fail to enter in advance, you run the risk of not getting one of these shirts available ONLY thru this race and QVC (well, they would be, if QVC knew how to sell anything that didn’t contain cubic zirconium!). Even if you register after the pre-reg cutoff but before raceday, you’re almost surely guaranteed a shirt of your preferred size. ( registration will close at Midnight on the Wed before the race) We race in rain, shine or snow. If the roads are pretty much impassable that day due to ice, state closure or a Wiggles performance downtown, check the Pretzel City web site (best option) for postponement info. If postponed, it will be held on Sunday, March 18th; same time, same place and maybe even the same food prepared for the original date (3 week old bagels soften up REAL well if you nuke them for 8 minutes and just make believe that the “green stuff” in the eggs is “chives”!) No refunds, no mailed shirts or awards; no drugs unless you share, no pets (trails are too narrow) and no nudity (we may be willing to waffle on this last one). Bring an extra pair of shoes for inside & the drive home!

Registration on not required but always encouraged!

Short sleeve T-shirt with a memorable design, hot breakfast, indoor reg. & toilets, free food at the finish line, suds-chilled Jaegermeister-strange Germanic meats are available for purchase thru the club, WELL marked course, 2 water stops, finish place posted immediately & results at web site ( in 2-3 days, unique aide stations & amazingly low cost running clothes from CoolMax Diane to be available for sale onsite (tentative).

M & F 1st thru 3rd Overall + Top M & F Masters (40 & over) +: 18-29: 8M, 5F 30-39: 8M, 5F 40-49: 8M, 5F 50-59: 8M, 3F 60-69: 6M, 3F 70+ (men only): 2M


Instead, take Rt. 422 West from King of Prussia. Just before Reading, 1 block past Arby’s & Burger King, bear right onto Bus. Rt. 422, marked “Mt. Penn”; DON’T follow sign to Reading ** Go 3 miles until road splits at Wachovia Bank. 300 yds later, JUST PAST Arners Restaurant, take right onto Glen Rd (sign missing, look for "Stokesay Castle" sign visible at last moment). At end of Glen, turn right and then take your next right just 50 yards ahead. Or follow the signs to Stokesay, the Liederkrantz driveway is right next to it.

Rt. 222 N to Reading. Follow new bypass to Rt. 422 East. Exit at Mt Penn. Take a left, go 3 lights to Bus. Rt. 422. Take a left, follow the Philly directions above after the astrik **.

Rt. 222 S onto new Reading bypass, merge onto Rt. 422 East (Reading/Pottstown). Go around Reading and exit at Mt Penn. Go left, go 3 lights to Bus. 422W. Take left, follow Philly directions after asterisks **.

Take Rt. 422 East. Just past Berkshire mall, bear right onto Rt. 422E. Continue on bypass past Reading to Mt Penn exit. Take left, go 3 lights to Bus.422W. Go left, follow Philly directions above after asterisks **.

Take Rt 61 South onto Rt 222 Bypass, follow same directions above listed “Allentown”

Rt 83 North to Rt 30 East at York to Rt 222N at Lancaster. Follow Lancaster directions above.

143 Spook Lane or Intersect of “Spook Lane & Hill Rd” or “Hill Rd & Glen Rd”.

Insurance Provided by Road Runner Clubs of America (R.R.C.A.)


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