The Wanderlust Festival: Find Yourself in the Mountains this Summer

Whistler, Tahoe, Stratton: To most, these names stir up visions of great skiing. But to nature- and yoga-loving folks, these ski towns play setting to a The Wanderlust Festival.

This gathering brings together some of the most sought after yoga teachers, like-minded wellness enthusiasts and quite a platter of outdoor yoga classes and activities like organized hikes, kayaking, rafting, slacro adventure and SUP yoga.

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Though Wanderlust is a yoga and music festival, the pristine mountain setting makes it appealing for any outdoor adventurer looking to experience the wilderness in a new way. 

The Average Wanderlust Goer: Every Outdoor Enthusiast

Typically, the average Wanderlust goer can range from yoga junkies to music lovers and "anyone that enjoys the outdoors and thinks they would benefit from yoga," says Tess Bartlett, part of the Wanderlust team.

"It just offers a different type of experience, whether you want to go mountain biking, hiking or do any of the different activities while you're there. Anyone who considers themselves an athlete or outdoor lover would feel at home here."

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The team that started Wanderlust chose Tahoe as the inaugural site because ski areas do have so much to offer during the summertime. "The scenery just lends itself to the event," says Bartlett. 

An additional paid ticket will allow you access to Wanderlust signature outdoor expeditions with guides, unless you opt to explore the surrounding mountains and forests on your own.

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Explore the Lake Tahoe Wanderlust Festival

Travel the Truckee River with Shiva Rea, viewing the Sierra Nevada mountain range, play in swimming holes and paddle through rapids. Practice your sun salutations on the crystal clear water of Lake Tahoe atop a stand-up paddleboard. Hike one of Colorado's 14ers with Wanderlust's hand-picked outdoor gurus, yogis and musicians and explore the connections between nature and yoga.

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