How to Celebrate Halloween While Camping


Get in the spirit by displaying Halloween decor around your campsite. If your site has AC power, string some orange or purple lights along your RVs awning or tent poles, or drape them from bushes.

You can also make a circle of ghosts by sticking long wooden poles in the ground in a circle around your picnic table or tent. Make balls out of crumpled newspaper about the size of a basketball and place one on each stick. Then drape an old white sheet or pillowcase over each newspaper ball; wrap string around the bottom of the ball to keep the sheet in place. You now have a gathering of spirits to haunt the night. Just make sure your ghosts are a safe distance from the fire pit.

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Shadow puppets are another clever decoration that are easy to put together and a lot of fun.

At home, cut the body, legs, arms and head of your favorite Halloween creature out of heavy black construction paper. Attach the legs, arms and head to the body with brass fasteners, making sure they can move freely. Then glue craft sticks to the back of each part. At your campsite, string a large white sheet between two trees and put a light source behind it, such as a flashlight or lantern. You can also do this inside your tent. Now you've set the stage to tell stories using eerie shadows and scary sounds.

Other simple decorations you can make at home and use at the campsite are cardboard "headstones" and giant spiders made out of cardboard and black pipe cleaners.

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Dress Up

Halloween wouldn't be the same without costumes, so bring 'em along. Your kids will have fun tramping through the campground amazing other campers with their "frightful" appearances.

Trick or Treat

The whole reason for Halloween, of course. Go with your kids around the campground and see who's handing out treats (not everyone will remember to bring them along). And be sure to keep a bag of sweets in your campsite as well for monsters and princesses who come your way.

Find a Campground That's Done all the Work

There are a growing number of campgrounds that host special Halloween festivities to attract campers during a typically slow time of year. Some offer free pumpkins for campground carving contests, and some host trick-or-treating. Costume contests, campsite decorating competitions, hayrides and games are some of the other fun events you can enjoy. These events are becoming increasingly popular, so make your reservations early to get in on the fun.

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